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‘ASAPLincs is one way we are moving with technology’

Dates: 27, December, 2018 Category: CCG News Health advice Local health

Ruth Cumbers, Urgent Care Programme Director for Lincolnshire, talks about how the NHS in the county is looking to be more innovative in relieving pressures on the system….

Technology is evolving on a daily basis. The way people communicate and live their lives has changed massively over recent years.

Ruth Cumbers, Urgent Care Programme Director for Lincolnshire

In the NHS, it is important that we try to adapt to those changes and find new ways to get messages out to the public and help them stay healthy.

That is why we have invested in a new website and app for the county to give residents a quick, easy to use and reliable method of identifying the best place to go for treatment for their needs.


ASAPLincs was months in the making and has been developed using the very latest attendance data from our emergency departments, coupled with detailed behavioural research into how our brains operate.

The result is, I believe, a really useful tool for patients.

Not only is it free to use and download, it helps patients quickly find the best treatment provision for their needs.

And, above all, it will hopefully help relieve some of the pressures on our emergency departments, especially over winter, by diverting patients to more appropriate pathways.

The response to the app and website since we launched earlier this year has been good, with nearly 7,000 app downloads and more than 10,000 page views on the website.

We’ve been spreading the word far and wide, with bus advertising and social media campaigns among just a few of our methods.

I am really proud of the hard work of our teams within the NHS who have made ASAPLincs a reality and I am really pleased with the response from the public so far. That is why I was delighted that ASAPLincs was shortlisted for an award at the Lincolnshire Media Health Awards 2018.

Wider use

But I know that we can get more people using the app and website.

Whether that is parents with young children who want reassurance on what is best for their children, or students who are not familiar with the services in our area.

It can even be incredibly useful for residents who might be out and about and need to pop to a pharmacy. The app’s GPS technology can show you the nearest facility to where you are using it from.

I would encourage each and every one of you to download the app or visit the website to check it out.

If you need advice ASAP, then ASAPLincs is the app for you.

You can visit the website at and the app can be downloaded for free on both Apple and Android. Simply visit your app store and search ASAP Lincs NHS.

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