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International recruitment project hailed by Ingham GP

Dates: 20, July, 2017 Category: CCG News

A Lincolnshire GP whose surgery took part in a pilot project to attract overseas doctors to Lincolnshire has praised the impact of his new recruit.

Dr Radi Sultan, partner at the Ingham Practice, said the NHS International Recruitment Programme had been a success.

The practice – part of NHS Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group – recruited Dr Mihaela Koroknai to the surgery as part of the pilot which was run in Lincolnshire.

The pilot was funded by NHS England with support from the Lincolnshire Local Medical Committee.

She started work on May 2.

Now, Dr Sultan said his new GP had been well received by patients and was pleased with how the programme had worked.

Dr Radi Sultan

He said: “It is a very well organised programme with a three month introduction for GPs preparing them for working in the NHS.

“There is great support for the GPs who are coming to the UK. There is relocation support and continuing training both by the programme and the practices.


“Having a full time GP is a great help in managing the workload of the surgery.

“Dr Koroknai has been received very well by the patients and staff alike. She has proved to be very popular and an excellent clinician.

“I am sure she will contribute significantly to the improvement of patient care. We have had excellent feedback from patients who have seen her.

“Dr Koroknai is highly qualified with an excellent background in surgery and general practice back home.

“She was already GMC registered and had experience of working in the UK.

“This meant she was well prepared for working with us.

“Bearing in mind the shortage of GPs in the country, this is a very good programme that addresses this recruitment issue.

“With the success of the programme pilot in Lincolnshire, it is hoped that this will be rolled out to other parts of the country.

“I am proud this surgery has played its part in the pilot.”

Ingham Surgery

Marvellous opportunity

Dr Koroknai, who worked as a surgeon and a GP in a large practice in her native Romania, said she enjoys the experience of working in general practice in Lincolnshire.

She said: “It has been a mixture of enjoyment and a challenge. It is a new culture for me.

“I am very proud to work here. I was working in a very busy surgery in Bucharest when a recruiter came and offered us the opportunity.

“My background is in surgery and I did work in London for three years so I knew how good the NHS was so I was happy for the opportunity to come here.

“It was not a difficult thing to choose to do – it was a marvellous chance.

“I worked in London for three years but it is better here in Lincolnshire. It is more friendly, calm and a better environment to live in.

“The people are much more friendly. I am planning to stay here.”

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