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New walk-in clinics for Saxilby surgery

Dates: 3, November, 2017 Category: CCG News

Patients at a GP surgery on the outskirts of Lincoln will be able to access appointment free walk-in clinics from next month.

Glebe Practice in Saxilby is launching the new clinic from December 1 for its patients.

Those registered at its branch site in Skellingthorpe will also have access to the facility at the Saxilby surgery.

Anyone with an acute problem which requires immediate medical attention can turn up at the Saxilby surgery between 8am and 9.30am.

They will add their name to a first come first served list and wait to be seen by the day’s allocated GP.

Free-up appointments

The practice – part of NHS Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group – hopes the new clinic will free-up pre-booked appointments for patients with other needs, such as long term conditions and medicine reviews.

Glebe Practice, Saxilby

Shirley Maddison, practice manager, said: “We have taken patient feedback on board regarding the appointment system and listened to what they have said.

“We have been finding that by the time patients with genuine acute problems manage to get through to us on the phone, there are no appointments left.

“So we are looking at this scheme as a way for those with acute issues getting a fairer chance to be seen.

Routine clinics

“I would stress to our patients that the walk-in clinic is not the only clinic we will be offering.

“Our routine clinics will still be running which we hope patients with longer-term, less urgent conditions will be able to make better use of.

“Our policy of children under 5 being seen on the same day if sick will also remain. This will be the case even if they present to the practice outside of the 8am to 9.30am walk-in clinic timings.

“However, if they are ill in the morning, we would encourage you to bring them to the walk-in clinic.”

Appropriate conditions

The surgery’s new walk-in clinic is for patients with appropriate acute conditions.

These include urine infections, chest infections, sore throats, eat aches, rashes and pains and infections.

Patients with other conditions or needing other services such as on-going long-term conditions, repeat prescriptions, sick notes, medication queries or test results should continue using routine appointment slots.

It is hoped the new walk-in clinic will also relieve the pressure on the increasingly congested telephone lines.

Address frustration

Karla Cooper, deputy practice manager, said: “We appreciate that some patients may face a wait to be seen, but this new clinic will offer those with an appropriate acute condition a guarantee that they will be seen.

“At the moment we have about 50 patients on the phone at 8am trying to get a same day appointment.

“We hope to free up the lines and stop the frustration of not being able to get the same day appointments.

“This walk-in clinic is really aimed at those people usually of good health but who wake up one day and have a problem requiring immediately necessary treatment.”

For more information about the new walk-in clinic, contact the Glebe Practice, Saxilby, on 01522 305298.

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