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‘We’re doing lots of work to improve cancer care’

Dates: 9, August, 2018 Category: CCG News

Kathie Longbone, Macmillan Cancer Development Manager at Lincolnshire West Clinical Commissioning Group, updates us on further positive news for cancer services in the county…

Cancer remains one of the priority areas for improvement across all health care organisations in Lincolnshire.

Whether that is improving the services available to patients, providing a more pleasant experience for patients during their treatment, or having better support services on hand for patients and their loved ones, we want to make sure we are doing all we can.

That is why we have lots of programmes of work taking place across the county. They’re all looking to join up everything we do to make the cancer services available as linked up as possible.

Living With and Beyond Cancer

One of the programmes you may have heard about is the Macmillan Living With and Beyond Cancer programme.

It has been designed to make sure that everyone in Lincolnshire who has a cancer diagnosis has access to all the different types of support that they need in the places that they need it.

This includes inside the hospital setting as well as out in the communities of Lincolnshire.

We are really pleased to have recently appointed three new project facilitators to this programme in Fiona Roche, Aaron Hall and Sue Wilson. All their positions, as well as my own, have been funded by Macmillan Cancer Support.

These three appointments will allow work to really get started in aligning all the services available in the county and facilitate the rollout of what’s called the Recovery Package.

The Recovery Package has to be rolled out by all health trusts across England by 2020 and consists of four elements.

Two usually take place in hospitals – the holistic needs assessment and a treatment summary.

The other two elements usually take place in the community. One of these is health and wellbeing opportunities for patients.

The second is the cancer care review which at the moment is done by GPs and looks at what the patient’s treatment is or has been and what their other needs may be within the community.

Macmillan GPs

This brings me on to our latest piece of news. We will shortly be recruiting four Macmillan GPs across the county.

The GPs will not see patients themselves but will be on hand to offer training and support for their colleagues, while helping identify improvements in pathway redesign.

They will also be the link between primary and secondary care in their speciality areas – the Living With and Beyond Cancer programme, palliative and end of life care and tumour site specific work.

Thanks to Macmillan, they will be funded for two years and I believe these roles will make a real difference to patients who receive a cancer diagnosis in Lincolnshire.

If any GPs are interested in finding out more about the Macmillan GP vacancies, please contact Kathie Longbone on 01522 513355.

For more information from a clinical perspective, interested GPs can contact Dr Pauline Love, Macmillan GP Advisor, East Midlands on

Everyone working in the cancer speciality across the NHS in Lincolnshire is determined to improve patients’ experiences before, during and after a cancer diagnosis.

I hope and believe the two pieces of work I have mentioned above will go some way to contributing to that improvement.

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