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World Diabetes Day aims to raise awareness of condition

Dates: 14, November, 2018 Category: CCG News Health advice

Residents are being urged to learn more about Diabetes and the wider effect it can have on the families of those diagnosed with the condition.

Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic condition and there is no cure.

One in 13 people in Lincolnshire are currently living with diabetes. Some areas of the county have the highest prevalence of people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in England.

Wednesday, November 14 marks World Diabetes Day. This year the theme is “The Family and Diabetes”, to highlight how diabetes affects not just an individual, but spouses and children.


Dr David Sheehan, Diabetes GP lead for Lincolnshire West said: “Diabetes is a complex, chronic condition caused by failure of the body to be able to control sugar levels in the blood.

“Diabetes can lead to devastating complications. They can affect many different parts of your body, including stroke, blindness, heart disease, kidney failure, and amputations.

“At worst, it can kill you.  Sometimes these complications may have already started before someone is diagnosed with their Diabetes.

“However the most common form of Diabetes, Type 2, can often be controlled or even reversed. This can happen if caught early and treated positively with weight loss, dietary changes and sometimes medication.

“It’s really important that Diabetics take control of their own health.

“Working with their health care team to put together a treatment plan which keeps their sugar levels and other measurements under control help to avoid complications and live a longer,  active life.  Support of family and friends is key.”

National Diabetes Prevention Programme

If you have diabetes in your family, your own risk of developing diabetes is much higher.

In Lincolnshire, those considered “high risk” of developing Type 2 diabetes can be referred by their GP onto the “Healthier You” National Diabetes Prevention Programme, an education programme where you will receive tailored support to help you to make positive changes that support you to live well with your diabetes.

Georgia Evans, from Stamford was referred onto the programme.

She said: “I felt motivated to learn more and make positive changes.  I was aware of complications that were associated with diabetes.”

“I’ve become more conscious of my eating habits and how much sugar and carbohydrates I have been eating.

“I’d definitely recommend the course to anyone.  I have found it to be really enjoyable, knowledgeable and informative.”

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