Expenditure over £25,000

Since 1 April 2010 all information relating to expenditure over £25,000 spent by the CCG must be published on our website.

This is because the Government has set out the need for greater transparency so that the public is more easily able to hold public bodies and politicians to account.

‘Expenditure’ included all individual invoices, grant payments, expense payments, payments to GPs, or other such transactions that are over £25,000. Payments to staff are excluded from this disclosure.

Fines & Penalties

Fines & Penalties 2015-16 Qtr 1

Competition, Procurement, Patient Choice and Contracting

The CCG procures services from a range of providers. Contracts vary from small one-off purchases to large works or service. The CCG commissions Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit to provide advice and support for procurement and contracting.

When procuring services the CCG ensure fair opportunity, competition and value for money.

The form of procurement used by the CCG varies depending on the nature of the product or service being procured but can include Any Qualified Provider competitive and non-competitive tendering.

The CCG’s Financial Policy stipulates a deminimus threshold below which formal competitive tendering is not required.

We follow public procurement regulations and guidelines when determining the form of procurement and our approach. The latest guidance is from the Public Contracts Regulations 2015.

The regulations mean we cannot favour providers simply because they are already in contract with us, an NHS organisation, located in our area, or employing local people.

We operate our procurements in a fair and transparent way in accordance with:

  • Public Contract Regulations;
  • Procurement Patient Choice and Competition Regulations 2013.

Procurement Register

Procurement Decisions and Contracts Awarded Register – December 2014 onwards

Contracts Finder

Contracts Finder (a procurement web portal) is used by NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit, on behalf of the CCG (and other Healthcare organisations for whom work may be undertaken) to advertise procurements, PINs (Prior Information Notices), market engagement events and activities, or to otherwise share, or seek, necessary information from the provider market.

In order to receive alerts about providing health related services to any part of the NHS, or joint commissioning services which would affect other Government bodies or organisations, for example, Local Authorities, organisations need to register on Contracts Finder at

Bravo Portal

NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit uses the Bravo portal for procurements and tenders. Please visit this website to see current opportunities:

To view these opportunities you will need to register with Bravo and then click on ‘PQQ’s or ITTs visible to all suppliers’ (Dependant on type of procurement).

There is a guide to help you to register and navigate your way around Bravo.

Please note that any questions relating to the Procurement process must asked through the messaging facility on Bravo.

Current Opportunities

Please check Contracts finder and Bravo regularly as any opportunities will be posted here.

Opportunities are usually open to all providers who are interested and applications are welcome from any organisations, partnerships or consortia. For more details please contact the NHS Arden and Greater East Midlands Procurement team on 01522 513355 or email

Recently Procured Services

The CCG has recently procured the following services:

  • AQP Non Obstetric Ultrasound Services;
  • AQP Musculoskeletal Services;
  • AQP GOS 18 Services;
  • Wheelchair Services;
  • Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) Service.

Market Engagement Events

For most large procurement exercises the CCG, along with Arden and GEM CSU, hold market engagement events, which are advertised on Contracts Finder and Bravo.

Any Qualified Provider

Any Qualified Provider (AQP) is a work programme that enables the Government to fulfill its commitment to increase choice and personalisation in NHS funded services for patients and the public. AQP is being implemented following a national listening exercise to consider which health services would benefit from having increased choice. Service providers may apply to provide a specific AQP service based on quality not price.

Patients referred to an AQP service, are able to choose from a list of ‘qualified’ providers who meet agreed service quality requirements.

AQP Aims and Objectives – The strategic aims of AQP are to:

  • Increase choice and access of health service providers for patients.
  • Improve quality and outcomes of health services.
  • Drive innovation and efficiency of health services.