Vision and Values

It is important that we have a clear vision of what we aim to achieve, and that the vision is developed with GP member practices and owned by them, and that the vision is clearly communicated to partner organisations, patients, and the public.

Our Vision

The people of Lincolnshire West receive compassionate care and excellent health services that promote healthy lifestyles and prevents illness.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Working with others to ensure high quality and co-ordinated healthcare;
  • Working with you to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce inequalities;
  • Working together to encourage the best way of doing things.

Our Goals

Our mission will be worked through our five goals:

  1. Continually improve the health of all those living within Lincolnshire West (e.g. Stop Smoking programmes, reducing obesity);
  2. Reduce health inequalities and improve the quality of life for all (e.g. NHS Health Checks for all, reduce life expectancy variations);
  3. Help patients access high quality, responsive healthcare of their choice (e.g. more local services, easier to get to, more choice);
  4. Work together to develop healthcare designed for the needs of our patients, their families and carers (e.g. work with Socical Care and Community Services, Frail Older People Project);
  5. Ensure we have effective, value for money services that improve patient experience and safety (e.g. monitor and act on patient views and involvement).

Our Values

We will use our values to drive our ambitions for Lincolnshire West as we move forward towards authorisation:

  • Patient centred, population focussed services (considering the individual patient needs and the needs of the population as a whole);
  • Quality focussed (securing high quality, safe and effective health services for all);
  • Working together (delivering through strong partnership, comprehensive engagement and good communications);
  • Innovating for improvement (creating an environment for involvement, innovation and improvement);
  • Using resources responsibly (maximising use of limited resources balancing competing needs).