Governing Body

As Clinical Commissioning Groups are spending public money, there has to be proper oversight of the way it is spent, this is the role of the Governing Body who have specific functions and responsibilities they need to deliver and standards of business conduct they are required to work to in order to achieve this.

Whilst clinicians are heavily represented on the Governing Body, so are non-clinicians and lay members. Together with our member GP practices and organisation team who have to put into place the changes that improving healthcare demands, the Governing Body and its individual members provide a real challenge and scrutiny of what is being proposed. The Governing Body helps keep everyone’s eye on the ball.

Not only does the Governing Body provide this oversight, but it provides support and energy so that the many challenges faced in trying to improve the services provided across Lincolnshire West can be met and, through sustained effort by everyone, be overcome.

Governing Body meetings

Governing body meetings take place every month where decisions are made about our priorities on behalf of the people living in Lincoln, Gainsborough and the surrounding villages. Governing body papers are available to download from the Library section, and dates of forthcoming meetings are listed in the Events section.

Any questions or queries relating to governing body meetings please contact Sarah Bates, Board Secretary on 01522 513355.

Our Governing Body members

Our Governing Body is made up of 12 members, including a Lay Chair, Chief Clinical Officer, Executive Nurse, Executive GPs, and Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement.