Chronic Pain

Pain that continues for more than 3 months and may not respond to usual treatment is known as persistent pain. It can be difficult to live with and affect you relationships and work. There are many things you can do to self-manage the pain, with the support of health professionals. We recommend the Pain Toolkit and Somerset Pain websites, which have resources for people living with persistent pain.

Top tips to help you self manage:

  • Regular exercise plays an important role in maintaining, or losing weight, and reducing pain levels;
  • Giving up, or reducing, smoking increases your body’s ability to repair itself;
  • You can discuss pain relief with your pharmacist. Better pain relief helps you sleep and move better which will help your body to recover more quickly. Certain pain killers are available without prescription.  If you do eventually need to go to your GP for a prescription, ensure that you take the medication at the recommended dose and finish the course to get the maximum benefit.


Questions to ask your doctor – Choosing Wisely UK

Choosing Wisely was created in part to challenge the idea that more is better or in the case of medical intervention: just because we can, doesn’t always mean we should.  For more information visit:

The Pain Toolkit

The Pain ToolkitThe pain toolkit has been developed for people who live with persistent pain. The pain toolkit is a website and a simple information booklet that can provide patients with some handy tips and skills to support them along the way to managing their pain. GPs and other health staff can download and print a copy of the booklet if the patient doesn’t have access to the internet.

It is not meant to be the last word in pain self-management but a handy guide to help patients get started – all patients need to be is willing to read it and take on board some of the suggestions. Pete Moore, who has persistent pain, asthma and osteoarthritis, has put these tools together with the help of friends, family and health care professionals.   For more information visit:

Somerset Pain

This website offers videos and documents on how patient can deal with their pain, from stress to relaxation. The clinical information is correct. Please note the links to local services are not applicable to Lincolnshire. For more information visit:

Sheffield Aches and Pains

Aches and pains are a normal part of life. However, they can prevent you from carrying out your usual day-to-day activities and can make you feel worried and frustrated.

The good news is that most of the conditions that cause these aches and pains can be easily treated by you, at home. Sheffield Aches and Pains provides advice and information from the city’s clinicians to help you do this. For more information visit: