Quality Patient Experience Committee


What is the purpose of the Quality Patient Experience Committee?

The purpose of the committee is to regularly review reports on quality of services commissioned, patient experiences, specific quality improvement initiatives and any serious failure of quality.

What are their aims and responsibilities?

  • Seek assurance on behalf of the CCG of the quality of all commissioned services;
  • Seek assurance that the commissioning strategy for the the CCG fully reflects all elements of quality (patient experience, effectiveness and patient safety), keeping in mind that the strategy and response may need to adapt and change;
  • Assure the governing body that services are commissioned appropriately in terms of quality and patient safety;
  • Assure the governing body that commissioned services are being delivered in a high quality and safe manner, ensuring that quality sits at the heart of everything the CCG does. This could be extended to include jointly commissioned services;
  • Continually develop the CCGs approach to commissioning for clinical quality;
  • Approve relevant clinical Governance/Commissioning Policies.

How often do they meet?

The committee meet every two months.

Who do they report to?

The committee reports to the CCG’s Governing Body.

How do I become a member?

The committee appoints two patient representatives who serve for a period of three years. Patient representatives must be active members of the CCGs Patient Council.