Patient Council

What is the purpose of the Patient Council?

The purpose of the Patient Council is to act as a reference group, to enable the patients, communities, and the public of Lincolnshire West to make an effective contribution to the prioritisation, design, planning and commissioning of healthcare services in alignment with the CCGs strategic objectives.

What are their aims and responsibilities?

  • Provide a diverse forum for influencing and contributing to discussions and planning of the most effective health services for the local population;
  • Support the CCG in its aim to ensure that all communication and engagement is fit for purpose, appropriate and accessible to all relevant groups;
  • Establish and develop mutually advantageous relationships with a range of community groups, including Healthwatch, local Patient Participation Groups (PPGs) and others;
  • Champion and promote patient and public involvement and develop creative ways in which to engage with the local population;
  • Shape and influence the CCG’s Marketing, Communications and Engagement Strategy;
  • Support the development and implementation of CCG engagement plans in order that they are compliant with national legislation in regards to public involvement and consultation;
  • Support facilitation of a local response to national surveys and engagement programmes.

How often do they meet?

The Patient Council meet every two months.

Who do they report to?

The Patient Council reports to the CCG’s Quality and Patient Experience Committee (QPEC). This ensures that any feedback is given directly to the CCG’s Governing Body.

How do I become a member?

The Patient Council consists of representative from Healthwatch Lincolnshire, Patient Participation Groups, and voluntary community support groups. If you would like to be considered to join the Patient Council please call 01522 515380 or email