Your health & local services

When you’re injured or unwell, choosing the most appropriate care can save you time and effort, as well as helping us to make the best use of NHS resources.

This section provides an overview of a wide range of local NHS services, from pharmacists to GP surgeries and minor injuries units.

In this section you will find lots of useful information to improve or maintain your health and wellbeing, advice on self care, and an overview of a wide range of local healthcare services to access for treatment. If you need more advice about which NHS service to use, call NHS 111 for free at any time.

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Self-care, pharmacies and GPs

Managing minor illnesses at home, advice for parents when your child is unwell, and when to visit a pharmacy or GP.

Urgent care services

Find out what you can expect from urgent care services, such as minor injuries units or NHS 111.

A&E and 999

A&E and 999 are for serious and life-threatening emergencies only.

Planned care

Services and treatments which are not carried out in an emergency, often those which patients are referred to by their GP.

Non-emergency patient transport

Information on contact details, eligibility criteria and complaints for the non-emergency patient transport service.