Non-emergency patient transport

Patients are expected to make their own way to appointments. However, if you feel you will struggle then this page provides further information.

Firstly check whether you can get public transport to your appointment; information about your local public transport services can be found at

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Thames Ambulance Service Limited (TASL) is commissioned to provide Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) for eligible patients in Lincolnshire. Below you will find answers to many frequently asked questions as well as key websites and telephone numbers to contact TASL.

Am I eligible?

There are eligibility criteria in place for patients who use Non-Emergency Patient Transport to ensure it is only used by those patients whose medical condition warrants it.

NEPT is provided to patients who have a clinically stated medical need that prevents them using private or public transport.

Patients attending NHS treatment do not have an automatic right to NEPT and will be assessed every time they request Non-Emergency Patient Transport as their condition may have changed.

However, individual patient eligibility for those with long-term conditions will be subject to an eligibility review every 3 months; for example, patients attending for haemodialysis.

If you are attending for haemodialysis then you are automatically eligible for transport.

To find out if you are eligible, call Thames Ambulance Service Limited on 0808 164 4586.

 What do I do if I am not eligible?

If you are not eligible for NEPT, there are other forms of transport available to you including public transport and taxi services. Information on local public transport services can be found at

Lincolnshire County Council have a transport helpline that patients can call on 01522 550129. More information can be found on

Patients on certain benefits can claim reimbursement of travel costs. Information can be found here –

Benefits advice linked to the above points can be found on

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How do I book transport?

To book transport, call TASL on 0808 164 4586. The best time of day to call is before 1pm although the service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How far in advance do I need to book?

As early as possible but ideally more than 24 hours in advance.

If less than 24 hours in advance, transport can still be booked but it is much more difficult for planning and TASL may not be able to respond in the time needed.

Can I take my carer with me?

Yes. The below criteria applies:

The patient:

  • Is aged under 16 years – in this instance there must be an escort to accompany the child;
  • Has a mental health need or learning difficulty and needs constant supervision on the journey;
  • Requires specialist medical staff to provide clinical care on the Journey; or
  • Is dependent on the help of a relative or carer (e.g. blind, mentally impaired, or elderly with dementia/acute confusion)
  • requires an escort to communicate with the healthcare professional even if the escort themselves have poor mobility or in a wheelchair.

Can I take my wheelchair with me?

Yes, as long as it can be safely secured in the vehicle. This is most commonly with the patient remaining seated in it or when the patient transfers to a seat and the wheelchair can be secured in the vehicle.

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TASL can also provide their own wheelchair and can then transfer patients into a hospital wheelchair.

What do I do if my transport hasn’t turned up?

First of all, don’t panic. Call TASL on 0808 164 4586 and the issue will be sorted out.


If you feel you need to make a complaint, please call TASL on 0808 164 4696. Please note that this number is available during office hours of 9am to 4pm. Out of hours, a message can be left and TASL will return your call.

Alternatively, you can email or write to TASL, Landmark House East, Alpha Court, Kingsley Road, Lincoln, LN6 3TA. Feedback can also be left on their website via

Do TASL have a website?

Yes, it can be viewed at